It’s a sad sad day in Seattle….

but… we are still CHAMPIONS!!! And our guys played with their hearts!! And we STILL LOVE THEM!!!

See ya all at the Super Bowl NEXT YEAR!!!  🙂


3 thoughts on “It’s a sad sad day in Seattle….

  1. It’s sad everywhere else as far as I’m concerned too— I came to the conclusion the BIG Bowl was rigged back when Jake Dehlomme pulled similar brain freeze plays both times he got the Panthers into that position…anyone with half a brain, and football experience, either playing or just watching knows Marshawn Lynch would have taken that ball over the line… you don’t pass in that situation… EVER, and Wilson is one smart cookie… he of all people would not of made that call. I still lovem too. But “Come On Man” I made a mention last night on the little post I made just after he threw that ball last night here:
    God Bless
    Great Team!

    • yeah, it was a sad call, worst I’ve ever seen. I don’t think it was a conspiracy or anything like that, Wilson is too good of a man for that. The offensive coach??? not sure about him. Every single fan I talked to last night said, why didn’t he give it to Lynch? Just insane. But, our guys played so well, only 2 penalties the entire game except the last minute of insanity. Like I’ve said before many times in the last week, the pats shouldn’t have even been allowed to play the SB. It should have been given to the colts. They deserved it. I am still proud of them tho, they are the greatest team to come along in years, and there is always next year. oh, and ps… I think the paisley guitar needs an overhaul too, but maybe you could design something cool that would leave just one flower from the original, I think that would be sweet. take care, and God Bless! 🙂

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