I’ve always dreamed…

1-24-15 sunset

I’ve always dreamed of God speaking to me

yet some days, like today, I did not shine

and it saddens me

to think I don’t deserve it

to realize that I’m not nearly good enough

to deserve His direct contact

yet its not like I don’t realize I fail

miserably, a lot, often, I fail

I let my anger and impatience

take over, ruin my day

ruin any chance I may have

and it saddens me

to know, I know, I know deep down

I don’t deserve to speak to Him

the Holiest being, The Creator

yet a tiny little spot

right inside my heart

still waits, still hopes

that one day I will rise

higher than the mountains

higher than an eagle flies

and I know, I know, deep down

I WILL speak to Him

on that day


2 thoughts on “I’ve always dreamed…

  1. Oh, none of us deserve HIs grace and presennce in our lives, but He promises to be there no matter what. Quiet He may be at times, but near He always is! When we don’t or can’t hear Him, it’s not because we don’t deserve to hear Him. He may just be waiting for the right moment to speak into our silence. Hugs, N ❤

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