brandon in italy on top of stromboli


I remember a day… giggling for hours

over nonsense, useless ideas, the drama

then one of us looked out the window

the other rushed over and there you were

the one she wanted

in only one full minute, mouth dangling open

silent motionless, it sank in

you were the one

you were the one

I had dreamed about

you were the one I had created

from too many romance novels

day dreams on a hillside

the man imposed upon a G.I.Joe Ken doll

the one who always drove the massive dump truck

bright yellow in the sunlight making his camo too visible

hours spent picturing

my dream man

this hard working soldier who would have blond hair

slate blue eyes

that sparkle when looking my way

become steely when danger is near

gorgeous and sexy and of course

would love me like no other woman

but you were lost in the shallow beauty

and the physical realm

drawn away only seconds later it seemed

and I saw it in the flicker of your eyes

you were wordless

not a writer

you had no comprehension

of the imagination

of the possibilities

of a dream come true


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