A Trace


his mood shifted

from distance to blame

his eyes haunted remembering

how honesty turned to shame

a tear hovered on the edge

as he jerked looking away

into the beyond unknown

of an intensely longed for day

a blink of meek cowardice

flashed across the hazel flecks

thinking of his life tripping by

in years of desperate wrecks

looking back at life gone by

a squandered youth of pain

trembling and dire indiscretion

falling further toward insane

still he wavered picking his nails

his need growing scratching at his face

his legs pumping in nervous fear

not a shred of dignity left…

not even a trace


6 thoughts on “A Trace

    • yea, tis true Charles… but frankly I’m getting tired of posting the dark stuff… really tired of the situation… but such is life, if I didn’t have something to be sad about, I wouldn’t have the opposing side to write about, and probably wouldn’t appreciate the good quite so much… lol

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