A lonely bench


smiling, deeply, at the glory I see

I sit on a lonely bench covered in snow

placed at the top of a ridge at bird level

yet the birds are gone for now

and I’m lost in the silence

the crisp air tingling in my lungs

as a tiny snow shower shimmers

from the trees gently swaying

I can see my home far below

yet its empty for now, cold

and missing my lost child

who miles away may be also sitting

lonely on a bench in the snow

but sometimes prayers just aren’t enough

to fill that hollow hurt

that seems as wide as the valley

and reaches to the distant sky

yet I still smile

at the Glory I see


7 thoughts on “A lonely bench

  1. Then slowly we turn our faces
    Slightly upwards
    Towards the heavens
    As in supplication
    For the grey-cloudy-season of life we sit in
    Looking up to the heavens
    Which are laden with grey clouds
    We smile on the lips
    Looking on, unblinking
    Between the empty house below
    And the grey heaven above.

    May the kind Shepherd watch the lost lamb.

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