To all my fellow writers….

Good morning all. I have a question for you… I am wondering how many of you actually WRITE for a living?

I would love to be a writer every day of my life, and make a living at it. But I need a LEGIT company to work for, and am wondering if any of you know of any company who actually hires writers to work for them.

I have seen all the scams out there on the internet where you do editing work or write tiny blurbs for pennies for each piece… and could not survive on that.

So I am reaching out to you all, to see if any of you know of a REAL company who hires writers???

As you know, this blog I write here is dedicated to God, but I write all kinds of things, and do editing for others, beta reading, too, and would love to be able to write for a living, even if it’s just ads, blurbs, blogging, short stories, really anything that is LEGITIMATE!!

Trying to find a real job on the internet is not only incredibly hard, it’s scary! There are sooo many places that are just there to rip you off, or send you out phishing, that I’ve given up on trying to find a job online, unless I know the person offering it.

So please, if any of you, MY FAITHFUL FOLLOWERS, knows of a real job I could apply for… please take a minute and respond!!

THANKS so much, and thanks for following me for two years… you’ve made my life so much more complete by just taking the time to read my blog!!

Deb  🙂


11 thoughts on “To all my fellow writers….

  1. I know of nothing. Good luck! Why don’t you contact a few publications you like and offer to write a column for them. Offer to do 3 without charge to see if it will work.

  2. Go for the moon! Commercials/Advertisement, TV networks, big companies. etc. Maybe be Hallamrk cards? That way you don’t have to worry about being it legit.

  3. I don’t write for a living, Shards. Wish I did, that would be a dream, but I am also a bit about writing what I want to write. I haven’t tried other companies, but there must be some out there… what about journalism, and writing for on-line magazines and the like? I think that would fit your style, and I think they would also take your poetry.

    • thanks Trent… yes, I’ve decided to hit up a few Christian sites, and see if they’d be interested in my poetry. I hadn’t thought much of my short stories, but maybe I should hit up Guideposts, etc.. or something similar. Thanks for the ideas! 🙂

      • I think it’s hard to make money off poetry or short stories… I don’t know anyone really who does that. But everything’s going electronic, and I bet it’s going to be easier to do so… plus who has time for novels anymore? On the rare occasion when you post a short story, it’s always good – I still remember the one about that poor girl who was bullied and ended her life on the road… that is going to haunt me forever, I think. You have writing chops, Deb – hope you find somewhere to exercise them and that can give you a bit of an income.

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