None Stand Brighter!



None Stand Brighter!


Of kings and queens

None stand brighter

Than a lamb of pure blinding white

His only royalty

A shepherds hook

And a star shining brilliantly bright

His blood wasn’t blue

He didn’t wear velvet

And His crown was made of thorns

He remained meek

Never tarnished His Glory

Only the love of His Father adorns

His eyes were clear

His Word held dear

His truth and His love unequaled

His kindness unrivaled

His fairness a blessing

His life and death repeatedly retold

He didn’t judge others

He didn’t fight back

And He never rested on a pile of gold

He said “Follow Me”

And “Peace to All”

His arms always ready to hold

We celebrate

Every single year

This one amazing birth above all others

Because He still lives

This Prince of Peace

Not once failing to love his brothers

He Rose above evil

Then and even now

And He’s promised to return one day

His name is Yeshuah

And He Is and Was

The Truth, The Light and The Way


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