Misster Kitty….



Is such a stinker. He pushes open my bedroom door, and purrs so loudly I can’t think. Then little by little he steps in, until he’s sitting just inside. Then I lean down and pet his head, rub his little face and tell him, “No, no kitties allowed in my room, you know this, now out!”

He doesn’t like this tone, tucks his head a touch, and then looks at me with such sad little eyes. I repeat myself, “OUT” and slowly push the door shut, making him move his little butt. But before I get the door all the way shut, not wanting to squish him, one little paw comes swatting through the crack as he tries to smack me!

He’s done this before, when I push him off my lap, he will swat at me, like, he thinks he can tell me “no” and stay on my lap whether I like it or not!

I have no idea where he got this smart ass attitude! It certainly can’t be from his Mother!

But, as I’m typing this, he’s sneaking right back in my room again, hoping I’m not paying attention any longer. What he doesn’t understand, is his purr is really loud! Like an engine. So he’s not as sneaky as he thinks!

Stupid cat!!!


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