I’m…baaaack….. lol

Well, it took a week and a half, but my sweet computer friend finally got all 8 of the nasty virus’s OFF my laptops!! Yeehaa! Now I need to run out and buy a case of Stella for him, for doing it all for free.

Sometimes the friends I have just blow my mind…they are good, kind, and giving, and more than I ever deserve. But, I pray God Blesses them in ways I never can, and just leave it at that…. I know He will!

So…on I go… lets see if I can write a sweet poem for God…

(in the next post!)

Take care all, and if by some strange chance you ended up with something on your timeline that came from my site, please delete it, for it may contain one of the virus’s that a-hole attached to my files. If its a video, don’t play it! If its a repost of someone else’s blog post, delete it. I would suggest going back a few weeks and doing this, just to be safe.  So Sorry for all the hassle. And I can’t wait for Karma to kick his ass! Really hard! lol

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