life going on….

So my computer crashed the other day… totally  bummed me out! Just having to upload everything I had before is giving me a migraine.

Just last week, I had to get a loan to have my water heater and pipes repaired, which I managed to do by begging like a whipped dog! Now I owe, I owe, ….. it’s off to work I go, for another year in debt.

But it just gets better and better, as I am driving back from purchasing a new Dell laptop, smiling at it sitting there next to me on the seat, all the way home … then I hear this noise in my engine. Oh yeah, you guessed it…

Now I need a new water pump in my pickup… to the tune of $550.00!!!

So I ask you… is it really an old wives tale that says things come in threes…. cause I’ve had enough!

My three have struck with a sucking vengeance!

Gonna have to go buy a lotto ticket to pay for all this shit!

I wonder if I wait to pay the mechanic until after he’s done, he will mind if I don’t pay at all??? Or maybe short him a few hundred?

Ah well, life goes on…  at least I will have hot water again, and won’t fall through my floor while taking a shower…and I can still write…until I have to spend every waking moment walking to and from work!!

Oh happy day!!! 🙂


6 thoughts on “life going on….

  1. we are very attached to our tech world…the very thought of going without is stressful, so glad you. Don’t get bummed out…as the hawk says, this too shall pass. Love ya!

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