How many ways can God show me… I’ll survive?


sitting by the river

just a few hours ago

the water tumbling into

a splattering roar

splashing at my feet

yet I don’t seem to care

about the debt or water

attempting to drown me

for the sun is peeking at me

through the branches above

sending me a calming love

just as an orange leaf

elegantly floats down

to become a boat

maybe for a bug or fly

to voyage across on

to a safe haven near the rocks

as I wonder

where is my boat

as each splash gurgles

and burps

something moves beneath me

and my rock

catching my eye

making me smile

as I watch the crawdad

trying to quickly sneak by

but he runs into my rock

his claws clicking

and grabs a stone

tucked under the edge

almost his size and backs up

moving it, then another,

and another, before

slipping under my rock

and sneaking down his hole

reminding me

no matter how big the rock

with enough determination

I too can move mountains


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