Super Sale….

One last time… I am offering this amazing stained glass creation: Eagle Rising!

This is a ONE time offer, before the Eagle will be permanently placed in my home!

I rarely state a price, but am just this once, after explaining what went into creating it!

It took 40 hours of my life to create from start to finish; the glass alone cost $400, and the piece is 180 separate pieces of glass that measure in total 3 feet by 3 feet; it is and always will be a ONE OF A KIND!!! I will include shipping costs to anywhere UPS/FedEx ship, and I will include insurance so if the piece is destroyed or damaged in any way, you will be reimbursed in full! That includes even one tiny crack in the glass!!!

Sale Price: $1800!

Keep in mind, this is a picture I took with a reflective board behind it, which is why it looks like a square lit up behind it…IT IS NOT sunlight! It is GORGEOUS in sunlight! But I cannot hold it up and take the picture at the same time… hahaha … with sunlight behind the orange/yellow/red sun in the glass, it is spectacular!!!



Email me at if interested!


4 thoughts on “Super Sale….

  1. This is so awesome…well worth the money if one has it. I work with stained glass and know the work (not to mention the expense) that is involved. I envy the person who snaps this up, wish it could be me!

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