Long Before Time – The Moses Beings

I wrote this poem today, to use in my second book,

Long Before Time; the Moses Beings.

Every four lines in a stanza are inserted at the beginning of each chapter. Yes, I know it is very long, the longest poem I have ever written, as each stanza is a short “poetic representation” of the chapter it heads. It is more like a short story, but there are 29 chapters in the book. lol

Enjoy, and I will applaud you if you make it to the end without falling asleep!! 🙂


Long Before Time


Embroiled in a desert

yet frozen in time

life sparked in a fire anew

amidst a pulverized grime.


A journey began in darkness

creeping below a cool moon

searching for a hazy hope

waning in the afternoon.


An indigo hint of life

sprinkled like spring flowers

barren of song or soaring

emptiness fell in showers.


Danger near at every bend

yet faith endured echoing

a promise from beyond

nigh a spirit of knowing.


In sickness and in health

‘til death do they part

striving to survive

unrivaled love fills the heart.


Taunting moments

endured for too long

shifting into joy

erupting into song.


Praying for comfort

kneeling on a mountain temple

abruptly desolate and alone

accepting far from simple.


Reaching a river’s edge

a black swirling menace

fighting back the tears

only calm on the surface.


Starting over

an inconceivable cost

devastation unbearable

wandering and lost.


Still life finds a way

while painful to the weak

crafting laughter gently

for the humble and the meek.


The birth of all things new

from trees to life in the sea

outshines deaths’ stroke

as a bird soars free.


Winging its way to the ocean

heading into twilight

the day escapes in a flutter

a journey fashioned in flight.


The crushing of the waves

a thundering travesty

a pretense of floating beauty

brilliant as an eagle’s majesty.


Just as the mountains range down

reaching for its pebbles fallen

the sea grips life in a tide

rolling engorged and swollen.


Like bricks pounding

or a seashell of pearl

the ocean rages inward

in a deadly savage swirl.


Like the madness in a horse

eating until it’s bursting

a briny sadness fills the soul

and sorrow leaves it thirsting.


Similar to a wandering spirit

days turn into weeks of pain

the folly of a vagrant life

becomes a brackish rain.


Yet even Dahlia’s suddenly close

before a miserable storm

sealing up a meager home

their dwelling safe and warm.


Despite the unusualness

of the moon controlling the tides

announcing a novel presence

an owl rarely hides.


Survival means its hunting

nightly hour by hour

watching life above a darkened trail

eyes wide open and dour.


Prepared for the unexpected

option for an offered meal

like a bear or any other predator

an owl swoops in with zeal.


Known for their protectiveness

guarding against danger in the night

this spirit beneath the pale moon

only rests in bright sunlight.


Truly as the twinkle of stars light

an ancient well-worn path

this bird of prey knows not

to incur an eagle’s wrath.


As he soars above all

a surveying menace in his domain

spiraling down to his mate

safely nested his children remain.


Thus he journeys far and wide

he will die to shield and defend

his offspring from any calamity

with almighty talons to rend.


For she has birthed

the greatest glory to God

majestic and grand

for all to applaud.


Then he will teach them

every skill he’s ever known

how to reach the almighty heavens

just as he was shown.


For nothing is greater upon this Earth

than reaching Almighty God above

rising above the windswept skies

and receiving His Almighty Love.


8 thoughts on “Long Before Time – The Moses Beings

  1. Hi! Man, i love it. The idea you have got is exactly like mind so I am interested in your works.
    I mean, I am planning to write a book, that book will come as a reflection or revealation of my poem book. That is; I am in the process of completing a (collection of my own works) poem book and after that I will work on completing my book ( the first draft) .
    I will named my poem book as “the glimps” coz it talks about the things that is in my book (a type of story book) which will be publised after I publise the poem book. Poem book first & then story book.
    Actually this is my first work and I am learning and trying my best to become a writer.
    The idea I have got somehow coincide with your works; kind of writing poetry and ordinary books.
    So I am writing in to share these with you after reading your post!

    • Well, thanks SO much Ricky, that made my day! so glad you liked it! I’ve already written the book though, just doing some editing on it now, its actually the prequel to my other book “your time is over”. In that one, I placed an entire poem at the beginning of each chapter, just so I could get my poetry out there too… haha but I always make the poem relate to the chapter. I would love to read some of your poetry, and will check out your blog to see if any is there. and GOOD LUCK on your own book!!! we need good writers out there! But thanks again, I love comments like yours!!! makes writing all worth while, ya know! I am also planning on publishing just a poetry book, but have so many stories I have to get out first, it may be a while! 🙂

      • Hi, hello! Its almost 2 weeks since. Sorry for that. But any way, more writing with like minded helps too. Hi I am really happy knowing that; you love the comments I made about your work. That’s the spirit! We need to be with someone who share the same interest as ours. And by just first glance of your works; I already know that I have found someone who share the same aims & dreams as me. So no wonder, I got such feedback from you. I am also very pleased with that. So lets keep that spirit!
        Any way, I am still in the process of editing my work, but here is some piece I want to share with you.
        Its the first stanza of my poem titled;( The goodness itself ), just half way through…..

        You were born out of goodness so you live in goodness.
        You eat what is good and say what is good.
        Your goodness cares for you and protects you.
        Your goodness continues to flow,
        like rain drops
        Pouring and showering…..

        Hi, that’s the piece I can share now, but I still need to put all these pieces together. So I might expect some comment from your, by looking at that stanza.
        It is as you have requested. I belive you will have something to say on this, because I know that comments will inspire me to become a good writer.
        And also to keep in tune this relation between us because we definitely share the same interest. And we definitely need that to get the best out of ourselves.
        Thanks! Hope I am in line with you. Thanks once again!

        • I wrote you on your site, but like I said there, that is a very good poem…can’t wait to see the rest! The one thing I would suggest, in poetry, try to use more than one word for each thought… like instead of using ‘goodness’ over and over again, maybe use the word, mercy, or kindness, generous, grace or righteousness…. not to change your meaning or tone, or sentiment, but as a poet I use a “Thesaurus” all the time. It is a book of synonyms, words that mean the same thing, sort of, but are similar to another word and usually have the same meaning. Its what can make poetry so beautiful and flowing. Here is a link for the one I use: http://thesaurus.com/browse/goodness and as you can see, I typed in the word goodness and it brought up a bunch of words you could also use. NOT that you need to… it’s only a suggestion. Write what you feel and love. Take care Ricky, and can’t wait to see your first post! Deb

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