So glad to be done with my old position as of an hour ago… now on to bigger and better things!

I’ll be working in Security now, and can’t wait. Not only did I score a full time slot, but I’m getting a huge raise!!!

Ah, life will be good! I can’t wait. Not having to stress all the time over bills, living literally pay check to pay check. Bouncing checks periodically because I had to pay the bills, but just couldn’t cover them. Thank God my bank is so cool, and offers overdraft protection, which they charge for, but at least they don’t send the checks back and mess up my bills as well; they go ahead and pay them knowing I will pay them … soon. 🙂 LOVE me some Credit Union! The only good banking institution ever invented!

I can’t even imagine at this point, having money left over each month, to buy food with, maybe some decent clothes that aren’t 4 years old, maybe fix my poor truck that has many issues! Runs like a dream, a serious blessing from God, I’ve NEVER had to have work done on it in 9 years!!! Hallelujah! But it’s a bit beat up, and needs new brakes and tires and a new windshield due to many cracks in it! It would probably have a heart attack if I got it a tune-up…at least go into shock… but it’s on its way!

I might even get my poor house issues fixed before winter hits, getting the running water fixed in my kitchen, getting the entire house rewired before I burn it down accidently, and best of all, repairing the floor under my slightly sloping bathtub!!! I keep picturing the horror of it falling through the floor as I’m naked in the shower!! hahaha God what a sight that would be! The neighbors would never be the same!!

I hate to have to worry about money all the time, it’s such a stress! I hate to ask God to help me out, and I really have way too much pride to ask for help. But I have done so repeatedly over the last 4 years; it was that or become homeless!  And I believe God was teaching me about pride, and how to let it go! Well Done Lord!!

THANK YOU GOD!!! For all the help you’ve sent my way! For all the kindness I came across just when I needed it!

For my SON who helped several times, and hasn’t once asked for anything in return!

For my MOM who also helped me several times, when she’s as poor as I am, but snuck me the money I desperately needed. Of course it may have been because I threatened to move in with her! hahaha  NOT, she would love that, but I teased her about it, and she was so sweet to help me!

So with God’s blessings, I may get out of the hole, get on my feet again, and be able to repay my family for all their help!

LIFE IS GOOD!!!! GOD IS GREAT!!!!!! and I AM A HAPPY GIRL!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Now I can concentrate of praying for others, and relax for a change, knowing God is STILL taking great care of me!!!

I would ask that all of you who do pray, say a prayer for my youngest son, he’s still very lost in the world, and needs every prayer you can pray!!!

HAPPY FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!  Now to enjoy the weekend, the first I’ve had off in 8 months! WOOT WOOT!!!!


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  1. This is so good to hear my friend! You’ll be so good at Security too, because you have such a good head on your shoulders and you can laugh (always laugh!) at the tipsy cases! I love you, Cheerios!

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