Try Try Again



I continue to ask God to speak to me

like He did in the days of Abraham

begging to be worthy

yet thinking I’m way too far

beneath the clouds

wondering why He doesn’t speak

to anyone it seems these days

and worried we’re just too lost

so as I lay praying last night

once again I asked what to do

to deserve to hear His voice

before I could say another word

a tiny voice in my head said

‘fast for six days’

but I caved this morning

deciding on a much desired bagel

and will try try again tomorrow

or the next day or the next

if I can only hold out

resisting all temptation

I just may get my wish


(I’ll be sure to let you all know

the instant I hear a word!)



7 thoughts on “Try Try Again

  1. He speaks in the song of a sparrow, His voice can be heard in the flutter of a butterfly or the whisper of a sleeping child. Clear your mind and you will hear Him in the beating of your heart. Understanding is whole other issue!

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