Pent Up

my mouth spews before my brain catches up

yet even without names to blame

I know it’s not right

somehow I’ve missed the part

about righteousness


turn the other cheek

so why did it feel so good at first

releasing pent up frustration

it reminds me of Yeshuah

when he destroyed the moneychangers

and screamed at their filth

filling a house of God

I know I have no right to this anger

its not even close to righteous

but I wonder if sometimes even He

was just so disgusted with others

he wanted to scream for a moment too

and felt bad later

the shame creeping in

at letting the human side rule

even for a second

dragging us down

and if His Father was disappointed

or simply told Him

just breathe


8 thoughts on “Pent Up

  1. just breathe, wonderful advice. We are all human, not perfect. I hear you, don’t be so hard on yourself…sometimes rants are justified, imho.

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