Death warmed over!

Day 3 and 4, Lil Misster Kitty looked like death warmed over. He hadn’t eaten for 4 days, and I had to beg him to drink water. He has lost weight only like I dream about, and is now skin and bones. He also seems to be running a continual fever, which is probably why he’s staying under the house.

Yesterday, after coaxing him out from under the house, he drank a little water, lapped up a little raw egg, and lay down with me in the grass. The other kits each took a turn sniffing him out, and I watched in horror as Romeo shrunk back, almost in distaste, at his smell….much like death.

I talked to him for an hour, just petting him, and kissing his nose, and then it occurred to me…duh…. to say a prayer on his behalf.

I asked Yeshuah to heal him. To take whatever was stuck in his little body and push it on through, thinking it must be a lodged bone or something. I continued to cuddle him, slowly stroking him, and kissing his little face whenever he looked up at me. But man, did he stink. He smelled like a dead animal, and I continually had to wash my hands and face each time I coaxed him out from under the house to love on him and try and get him to drink water.

He used to be a fat little shit, like all my well fed kits, but in just 4 days he’s all bone. I really didn’t think he’d made it this morning, when I looked under the house in the spot he had been lying in for 4 days, and he wasn’t there. I thought, like dogs, they like to crawl away and hide to die, so I was a bit upset when he wasn’t there. I called for 2 hours, all around the house, around the neighbors, and still no Misster Kitty.

I came back in the house to get a cup of coffee and … vwaalaa… he jumps in through the window. He sits for a second, then heads to the food bowls and eats about 3 pieces of cat food… and I am ecstatic! Once again, I crack open a raw, farm fresh, free reign chicken egg, and he laps it up.

His fur looks clean and even a bit fluffy, although he still smells a bit, but his eyes are still red and watery. He doesn’t have a fever anymore, though, and he jumped up into my lap, like he always does, for his morning loving!

I really thought as of yesterday, he was a gonner.  But, Yeshuah answered my prayer, crazy as it was, but I know he loves all His creatures, and this little creature was loved by me. And well, I’ve always known Yeshuah loves me, ever since I was about 5 and sang it in church.

Thank you Yeshuah, once again, You were there for me, and it makes me smile that You would heal a little pain in the ass, just for me! lol

Thus the end of the Misster Kitty saga!

Have a great blessed day, all, I’m back to finishing up my second book, so talk to you all soon…. 🙂


15 thoughts on “Death warmed over!

      • My friends little kitty was adopted by neighbors three blocks from her, she moved…the kitty found its way back to her house to find no one there. It was heartbreaking. Glad yours is doing better.

        • aww, I had the same thing happen with a dog I had once… gave it away because I was moving, and it came back! lol I decided to keep him, took him to Colorado with me, and then when I came back again, found a better home for him and he was fine. I hated giving him away again, but couldn’t have him in an apartment. he was a black lab and needed space. 🙂

          • that is life sometimes…my story did not have a happy ending…don’t want to bum you out, but the old owners at moved away and apparently the little cat , having come home and finding no one, did not make it. Makes me want to cry.

            • aww, me too.. too sad. I love all animals, which is why I put up with my cats, I hate to see one hurt, alone, or left behind. My neighbors did that, when the moved last year, left 7 cats behind…aholes…. I thought it was only two until I started putting out the trap each night. I heard they had 11 total! I reckon they just figured I would adopt them, but I had to catch them all and call the pound. but if I ever see them again, I’m gonna smack the snot out of em! people like that should never own pets! of course, I also believe people like that, that are just cruel, shouldn’t be allowed to have children either! but that’s just me…. 🙂

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