The bane of my existence… again…and again…!

To live with cats you must understand one heartbreaking truth: they may be domesticated, but they are a predator in their innermost heart.

I walked through my yard yesterday, to discover the remains, the back half… I must admit, to a tiny newborn bunny. Horrified, I yelled at my cats, “BAD KITTY’S!” and resigned him to my recycle bin, to return to the earth once again.

Ten minutes later I’m at my laptop when I hear a tiny scream, pure terror, from another baby bunny. I run down the hall to discover my largest cat, Twinkie, my Boo, has another baby bunny he’s holding down, and has bitten so severely his intestines are showing. I know he won’t survive, yet I pick him up tenderly in a towel and cradle him as I walk back to my room. After screaming at my Boo, “BAD KITTY!!” He runs out the window, knowing he was a bad boy.

Yet not ten minutes goes by before I hear another tiny scream, and race back down the hall. This time, he is only holding the little baby, but didn’t bite him hard enough to break the skin, yet I see the redness on his tummy, thinking this was how he carried him in the house. This time I not only yell at Twinkie, but I swat his behind as he tries to flee, not quick enough for my anger!

I know, he is only being a cat, but it doesn’t stop my anger. I chase after him, yelling once again, in the hopes that he does not repeat himself. Silly me! I should have known he will always be a cat first, my son second.

I care for the little babies, keeping them warm, get out the old bottle I used to feed these same stupid cats when they were just a few days old, and try to keep them alive. I decide a few minutes later, to take them to a friend of mine who has rabbits, in the hopes that one of hers will mother the tiny babies. I’m sadly disappointed when I learn that none of hers are new mothers, who would have milk, and also to hear the sad truth that they would naturally kill them if I put them in their cage. I did not know Bunny’s have an issue with adoption!

I drive them on to the vet’s office. They can’t be more than a day old, and the nice nurse calls 5 different places trying to find someone who knows how to take care of them, and will take them, but no one will. She then asks the vet if he will euthanize them, so they don’t suffer. I leave, very sad, and return home.

Half an hour later, the scenario is repeated, but I’m quicker this time, and the baby isn’t harmed. I race to save him, and bring him into my room once again, this time snuggling the little baby against my heart so it can hear my heartbeat. I had done this with one of my cats, the runt, and it seemed to give him peace and the strength to keep on fighting. The baby snuggled on my chest for an hour or so, wiggling around, and I tried once again to feed him some milk with the bottle. I even got a warm wet wash cloth, and cleaned him from top to bottom, to stimulate his system, much like his mother would’ve done, but still he wouldn’t take the bottle.

A few hours later, I hear another scream, and cannot believe my cat has done it again. Only this time, the little baby is injured on the inside, and is swelling a bit. I repeat my loving attempts to save another little baby, yet neither will drink the milk.

I realize the bunny must have made her nest directly below my house, and my cat has cleaned it out. I locked him outside for his bad behavior, and he sat dejected and unloved on the deck for hours in a lovely spring rain, looking at the window, waiting for me to let him back in. He knew, he was a bad kitty! I felt bad, but I wanted him to understand, this was not a mouse, which Mommy would reward him for. This was like a bird; and MOMMA did not allow or like birds killed! They all treat me like their momma, because I hand raised them from birth, and they know when I’m upset! Usually by just the tone of my voice, they know. I rarely have ever spanked them unless they are hurting each other, although Missy has been known to fly after peeing on my stove top, for some insane reason only she knows!

Neither babies would take to the bottle and by morning the injured baby was gone. And a few hours later the last little baby bunny was gasping his last breath’s.

It broke my heart to know the Momma bunny had lost all her babies, and I wasn’t entirely sure she was still alive.

I have forgiven Twinkie for his massacre, but now my Lil Misster Kitty is very ill. I have a feeling, he was the first ‘bad kitty’, who had eaten the first little baby bunny. I only found the back half of him, and am now worried my stupid cat ate his skull and it may be lodged in his intestine, or some of the bones are stuck. He looks awful, his fur flat, his eyes empty, and he has been hiding under the house for two days. I finally got him in the house today after I got home from work, and can see he is very sick. If he doesn’t get any better by the morning, I will have to run him to the vet.

Cats… what a pain in the ass, and a true pain in the heart! I’ve been loving on him, letting him snuggle with me, and he is purring, so we’ll see. But for now, remember; you can take the stupid cat out of the wild, but you can never take the wild out of the stupid cat! 

twinkie pic (2)

Twinkie, the mass murderer, guilty as charged!

kits again 003

and Lil Misster Kitty, sicker than a dog!


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  1. Cats are cute and fluffy, but carnivores at heart. I had an adorable tabby who did the same thing, ate half the bunny head first and leave the rest as a “gift”. As a kid, it was my responsibility to look after him and clean up the mess. He was the most loving cat, but can’t help himself when it comes to hunting. Ah well, heartbreaking bane of our existence! Hope Lil Misster feels better♥

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