While we tend our gardens…

we tend our gardens

while she starves

we take half hour showers

while he drinks from a gutter

or mud and piss filled hole

we drive for days just to visit

she walks for days to a doctor

to a clinic or to a market

we wash our clothes in a machine

he has one pair of pants and a

torn shirt he has always worn

we buy shoes for each event

she has none and he has one

we complain about the injustice

the prices we must pay for life

and send a dollar or generous two

while they pick flies from their eyes


8 thoughts on “While we tend our gardens…

  1. That was hard to read. And I know you meant it to be that way. The truth hurts, don’t it. But I’m glad you said this anyway, we need to see reality for what it is.

  2. It’s amazing what humanity goes through at the hands of humanity, isn’t it?
    Anyway, it is a kind thing when another soul generously gives more than “2 dollars”. (That should be made into an idiom -2 dollars -shouldn’t it?)
    Delicious finish you put there, Shardy. Whilst they pick flies from their eyes, we go feeling like grand birdies in the skies…”

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