Humans are SO intelligent! bwahahahaha

Can you imagine an alien visiting our planet?

He would see humans of every color in the

tanned world below spread out like a

vicious bacteria consuming every tiny

resource they have and turn to his mates

and say: OMG!

Can they really be that stupid?

They destroy their ONLY habitat!

They still war after thousands of years!

Wars based on greed, their sun tanned

skin, their beliefs being different!

Can they really be that stupid?

Half their humanity is starving to death!

The other half doesn’t appear to care!

They are killing off the only source of

oxygen they have, destroying their water

with pollution, and altering their food

sources so they make themselves sick!

Can they really be that stupid?

And sadly the answer would be… YES!


8 thoughts on “Humans are SO intelligent! bwahahahaha

  1. Ah Shards, yeah we give in to things that we shouldn’t, but there are so many good people out there trying to make things better at the same time. I have hope. I really really do. I know things looks bleak, but they can be salvaged, please believe me.

    • no Trent, we’ve went too far now… maybe someday the aliens will read my post and realize at least of few of us didn’t want this. but our children and their children are going to suffer our stupidity!

        • it is, so how can you not see it? even my professor friend at the UW says we can never go back now, global warming alone would take 100 years to get to where we are today…and that’s if we stopped a combo of coal and oil pollution, killing forests in the rain forests, and halted Fukishama today! and that’s only 4 subjects!! makes me sooo angry… we should probably stop this conversation before it goes any further! I need my peace and my friend! 🙂

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