People say to me all the time, “Why are you so damn happy?”  “You’re dirt poor, your job sucks, you’re divorced, one of your kids is a meth-head ….why are you so happy?”

To be honest, for the most part, maybe 70%, is just my personality. I was raised poor, with 6 older brothers and 1 sister, and life was crazy! And if you can’t learn to laugh at life, or laugh with them, you’ll never survive.

But the other 30% is all God. When I have a problem, any little problem at all: I’m out of cat food, my truck is coughing, my breaks are squealing, the rain is keeping me inside…. or even the big problems: food for me, can’t pay my bills, or just worrying about my sons… I’ve gotten into the habit of just talking to God. He is always there, in my mind, in the back of my  mind, and I talk to Him ALL the time… and I know He’s listening. So that even if I can’t pay those bills, or haven’t heard from my son for 2 months, or even just “please make it stop raining”, I KNOW He hears me. That’s all it takes. I feel better inside, I feel real peace, and even if the money I need doesn’t appear magically, or my son doesn’t call, I still feel better.

The stress just fades away, and my attitude becomes, “oh, well, I’ve done what I can.”

You’d be amazed at some of the things I talk to God about. Crazy shit! lol But no matter what it is, I know in my heart He is there, listening. And when I finally break down and ask for something specific, like; “Please let me hear from my son?”… within a day or even an hour, he will call. “I just called cause it’s been a while, and I know you’re worried, Mom, but I’m ok….” and that is how the call starts! If I’m out of food, which I am quite often, living on minimum wage and only working part time, I may have can food in my cupboard’s that I don’t like to eat, because I know it’s full of sodium and preservatives so it just sits there, so I know I won’t starve if it comes down to it, but even when I just say, God, I’m hungry, in no time one of my friends will show up and either bring me something yummy they’ve made, or insist we go out for lunch… it just happens. Granted I have some pretty stellar friends, but for them just to show up with food, for no reason whatsoever, not knowing I’m going without, it just being Blessed by God. There is no two ways about it, God takes care of me. When I couldn’t pay my electric bill in January, and I was trying to get the electric company to hold off on shutting me off, the girl at the counter says, “Do you know the Salvation Army in Snoqualmie will sometimes help you, if you take in your disconnection notice?” I had never heard of this before, and didn’t even know we had a Salvation Army office in town. So I drive over there and they paid it in full. Just like that. No questions asked, no forms to fill out! And then a a few months ago I was struggling again, ran the bill up to over $300 before they were going to shut me off again, and this time they told me to call Hopelink. Another charity organization that will help if you are low income. Long story short, the girl said I had made a couple hundred dollars too much to qualify, but after hunting down all my pay stubs for an entire year, I did qualify based on it that way. They paid not only my bill, but I qualified for over $750, that they applied to my bill. Which means I haven’t had to worry about my bill for 3 months now!!! Talk about PEACE of MIND! and Thank You God!!!

Now if I can just hang on until my position becomes full time, I will be ok. That is if I can put up with being yelled at daily by angry people. Hah! But, I ask God each morning to send the angry people to someone else, and just let my calls be people with just questions, and SO FAR, it’s been working wonderfully!!! LOL  Of course I feel bad, because the other girls get the angry people, but I needed a break from it, before I quit. I know I can’t walk away from this job, and truly needed the peace to keep it.

You cannot convince me, no matter how hard you may try, that God does not hear us! I have had too many miracles in my life, and too many times I have reached out in pain or suffering of some kind, only to have God answer my prayers almost immediately.

I kid you not, folks, when I say God takes care of me, I am not kidding, or lying in any way!!!

My prayer for you all is to find Peace also, every minute of your lives, and all you have to do is just ASK! HIS NAME IS EMANUEL!!! It means “GOD WITH US!”

And if you don’t believe…. I dare you to try it! Just once. I dare you! 🙂 And I will pray God Blesses you in a way you never thought possible!!

He can move MOUNTAINS people!!  Just give it a whirl!!! Take care, and talk to you soon! Love, Deb