Carriage of Unfinished Scripts

heartbreaking, brutally painful, yet so honest!!! really great one!

Exposed Emotions

I can hear the sound of my creaking bones
Like in the rhythm with a wooden carriage –
Loaded with burden of unfinished scripts –
I’m dragging.

I wonder how my instinct has changed in last few years,
The seeds that I gladly allowed you to plow inside me
Were meant to grow into the trees to timber to paper
On which I could’ve engraved the chronicles of our divine love
To turn them into the books with golden coated covers
That could’ve made us immortals
Forever beating with written words
Living in the hearts of people
Those read them.

Just like we don’t choose who we fall in love with
We, as well, can not decide who should break our hearts
Or shouldn’t.
With my altered attitude I know now,
That to get rid off this unbearable torment
That is tumbling like wasted scrap in my brain
I have to…

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