The Giant

Ever so softly she says, “I see you.” She flicks a tiny crumb of dirt, with a tiny pink fingernail.

It wobbles, warning her. She smiles and says softly, “You don’t scare me.” I’m a big girl, she thinks. Look at my new shoes, their black patent. And today I get to wear them with my new pink dress. She picks up a leaf, crumbled and wrinkled, turning brown and blows it like a bubble. It sails and sticks, mid air, and she watches it wobble faster.

She says, “Eat that!” Now its bouncing up and down frantically, trying it’s best to frighten her away.

“I’m a giant! You don’t have a beanstalk! You don’t scare me.” It was the story her Dad had started last night, but she’d fallen asleep to his soft, deep voice.

She leans back, stretching her legs out to admire her new shoes, shining in the sun. She lies down completely, feeling the sun on her face, warming her bare arms in the cool morning chill. She realizes she forgot her sweater, but decides it would ruin the look of her ruffles, so pretty and fluffy. They remind her of cotton candy.

She can hear her Mother calling for her to “Come inside before you get all dirty!” Then telling her Dad, “What are we gonna do with her?”

Then she hears her Dad say, “You can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear!” She wonders what a sow is?

She knows silk is made by spiders, she saw it on TV one day, so she reaches into the corner of the porch, and takes a swipe of silk. But this is too much for the spider. He dashes at her and bites her tiny finger before she can pull her hand back.

“I just wanted some silk, you stupid spider!” Her finger stings, and as she sits there watching it begins to swell. She refuses to cry, she’s a big girl, she thinks. Instead she reaches with her other hand for a loose board lying nearby and pokes it at the spider.

“I told you I’m a giant!” She doesn’t get any more silk, and goes with her Mom and Dad to God’s house in Daddy’s big blue truck.

But an hour later, she’s being rushed to the hospital. She’s in her Dad’s strong arms in the big noisy ambulance, and looks up at him and says, “How does it end?”

“What,” he asks?

“Jack and the Beanstalk?”


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    • thanks Trent, one of my friends read it last night, and nearly feinted with shock at the ending….hahaha I love to blow her mind! she got the irony instantly! 🙂

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