For Trent, still no title either… (warning: dark and shocking)

He pulls up in a grey Taurus. His sweater vest is dull orange with repeatedly washed fuzz-balls. Placed over a dull green plaid shirt. Wrinkled black jeans. He wipes his sweat on his thighs. Bald across the top. A few strands in a comb-over above the eyebrows. An un-brushed broom below the bald. His step light on his toes.

He screams ‘I’m a pedophile’. She smiles. He mumbles ‘I’m a serial killer’. Hugs and pats without chest’s touching. Her body knows the truth. Her eyes know the truth. Still she invites him in. He’s so nice. He always has candy for the children. He’s so kind. A book. A new shiny red truck.

I push the dirt under my fingernails. The bulbs lie nearby. Yank out that pesky vine thing for the hundredth time. He’s holding Danny’s hand. Leading him to a flower covered rest. He smiles but his eyes say ‘soon’. I hear the car door slam shut in my nightmares.

I know if I go inside and search my dictionary, his face is there. Right there for all to see. The neighbors will all say ‘he was nice and quiet, kept to himself,’ later that day.

She waves and smiles. Two hours from now she will be empty. Her heart no longer able to love.

I bury the bulbs. She buries her child.

We both have dirt under our fingernails.


9 thoughts on “For Trent, still no title either… (warning: dark and shocking)

  1. I’m not hitting like on this. Okay, I will. I don’t really know how to react, Shards. I think people use the word “powerful” too much, but there you have it. This physically hurt to read. I think writing should be destructive at times. It should tear us down so that we can rebuild. It should terrorize. That’s what you did here. You just stabbed a hope and a dream and left a horrible taste in my mouth, and I’ll say it to you and here, that’s what writing should be. It should be as horribly uncomfortable as it can be bloody lovely. It should move us.

    You always surprise me Shards. And here you’ve blunt-force kicked me in the head. I do thank you for this. I get your comment on my latest post much better now.

    • Sorry about the kick, but thanks so much Trent, your comment made my day! It was meant to be shocking, horribly so. I don’t write that dark usually, but I like the form and style a lot. I think it is more powerful to write short statements, rather than long drawn out sentences, especially on a very controversial subject. thanks so much!!! 🙂 maybe I’ll try one with a lighter subject, to see if I can make it as effective. I feel like, that with you, you are a peer who challenges me daily… and I thank you for that!!

  2. Hi Shards, a lot of folks want read about flowers and moonlight, if they can’t take the truth in life they should not read, you are for “real”….this really got to me!

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