Just thinking as I watch the boob tube…

everything always works out on TV

everyone lives happily ever after

this is so painful

why would we portray something

so very unreal

so unattainable

so unbelievably hurtful

to so many

billions who long for this

fiction of unreality

expecting their own lives

to resemble this fiction

must eventually lead

to pain



unrealistic hopes

impossible dreams

and we wonder why

so many people are so

very unhappy

become cruel

and angry inside

becoming selfish

following this false dream

of riches and fame

at the cost

of their very souls


2 thoughts on “Just thinking as I watch the boob tube…

  1. a powerful and perceptive piece, Shards, I have noticed that esp at the holidays the unrealistic portrayal leaves a lot of people feeling left out.
    Thank you!

    • I see it a lot, in all the shows, this happy ending crap, that rarely happens in real life. people always have problems of some sort, and I think it causes a lot of unnecessary depression. I wish they’d get more realistic, mostly for kid’s sake. 🙂 thanks for the comments, always love to hear from you. 🙂

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