a gentle nieve

“oh what a tangled web we weave,

when at first we practice to deceive,”

words of wisdom I didn’t write

still these words you can truly believe

like the words I write will spare you not

for I rarely give a moments reprieve

from the insightful beliefs I share

my only goal I strive to achieve

is shocking you with a faithful mind

I never ever aim to try to relieve

I desire to wake your sleeping hope

leading some doubters to often grieve

but much like the horror and screams

remind you of a swastika on a sleeve

or the death of a single Son shows you

if you love deeply darkness will leave

I want you to search your soul instead

my only aim the light you shall receive

sparing you from an unnecessary death

as a child who continues to disbelieve


6 thoughts on “a gentle nieve

  1. Hey Deb! I’m just so glad to see you posting today, I was a little ( Lot ) worried that you had been affected by the slide. Good to learn that you are safe! I hope all your friends and loved ones are too, thoughts to all Tay

    • no worries Tay, no where near those. awful sad tho, but that’s what happens when you deforest a mountain. no rootbase to hold it together anymore. you think builders would learn, but they only care about the mighty dollar! not the families that suffer later. glad to be back, too. missed all of you! 🙂

      • I share your sediments and thoughts about “you would think builders would learn”. No, they don’t. Greed is their only motivation. Perhaps they will learn when they end up under a pile of rubble they built. xx

        • we can only hope! 🙂 I used to work for engineers as a geotech, monitoring the building of homes and businesses, and all too often they would strip a hillside to build big fancy condo’s all over it, and the contractors couldn’t care less if they didn’t compact the soils properly before building began. I refused to sign off on those sites, as I watched what they did, but the bosses would come out and approve it. now I wait to see what happens after a few years goes by, and the soils become unstable. I pray for all those people who have no idea what that great view will cost them.

          • I saw the same thing happen where we live. Different scenario and different outcome … we bought land in the country, where there was nothing but farmland. It was quiet. That is what we wanted. Then greedy contractors came in and began building subdivision after subdivision. All the forests gone. All the land gone. And with those things, the animals and birds that lived there were uprooted. Now there is a problem with deer and coons and other animals, and people dare to complain. I am in a position I try to care for the animals and birds as best as I can. The ONE thing that is off limits are my roses, which the deer absolutely love. I have to spray them (natural spray) to keep them from eating them. And yes I do get upset because I wait and I wait for the perfect rose to bloom and the next morning it is gone and others as well because I forgot to spray my bushes. Yes people do make problems BIG problems, and it is so not right. Oh, I hear you.

            • just an fyi here’s what we do for our deer…. watch to see where they come from in their normal migratory path across your property, then at the very beginning spot on your property, start planting there things that deer like to munch on, like lettuce’s, other flowers they like, etc, and make a path that borders your property all the way to the other side that they usually end up on…. they will follow it, and never think about your roses again. lol I kid you not, you can even plant roses they like along it, and sacrifice them for your others near your house. we plant trails for them to follow around, like on the outside of a fence line, with all kinds of yummy deer food, and they never bother to jump the fences… they just mosey along the yummy path and totally forget about everything else. 🙂 it works, might take some time if you have a lot of property they migrate across, but in a year or two they will change their path!!!! 🙂 then you never have to spray again…. just make sure all the plants you plant are not hybrids that die each year…and once planted they grow in each year on their own, feeding your deer nicely, and you’re never bothered again!!!!!

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