sorry all…

I have missed you all. I am still waiting for my new router, hopefully it will arrive in the next day or so.

It’s coming snail mail….so don’t hold your breath. I’m currently at a bar, using their wifi, lol, and having a few to boot with all my writer friends. Getting lots of great ideas and help on my second novel…because it’s boring me to tears, and I really need some serious conflict to liven it up.

If you are one of the 3 or 4 who have purchased my first, THANK YOU SO MUCH, I can now purchase my new home!!! hahahaha (It’s a bird house!)

Anyway, will be back soon….so don’t stop writing, and all you painter friends, I can’t wait to see what you’ve been up to, too!

Hoping God is blessing you all with tiny miracles and much love! 🙂


2 thoughts on “sorry all…

  1. Hey, girl. Yes I have missed you. Sometimes hard to keep laughing without a few intermittent jabs from a crazy friend or two. I hope your health and job and family are all doing well and the blessings keep coming. The Lord and His timing continues to amaze me in my life. We had been waiting for my oldest daughter to get a job, they were in such a hole financially, and she had had so many interviews….all winter long! In the meantime I had taken a weekend night shift job taking care of a 94? year old lady….and wondering how I was going to take care of mom, Jeff, both houses, do my job, AND watch my grand daughter once someone hired Jamie! My lady passed away and within a couple days Jamie got hired. We were a couple hundred dollars short on a bill we owe, and my Stephie also needed two hundred bucks to extricate herself from Verizon…..Jeff decided to go to the casino to hang out with his brothers and Stephie gave him forty dollars to play with…he came home a couple hours later with $440…exactly what we needed. So, yes we continue to get our little blessings. Money is still incredibly tight, and I am still overwhelmed with responsibility, but I know He’s with me. I hope to hear from you soon! Love, Penny

    • hang in there sweety. you KNOW it will get better. the job market is finally picking up a bit, a tiny bit, anyway. I waited 4 years for a decent job, thank GOD for unemployment and Obama extending it…. or I’d be in AZ living with Mom right about now. my job is only part time right now, but I know in a few months, someone is going to move on out of my department, and I will get there job, a full time one!!! I can’t take much more of this stress either, just barely squeaking by, my son and Mom both helping me out. it’s so hard to deal with your own son helping pay your bills. just kills me. so I know where your coming from. love you bunches sweety, and will be praying for relief for you nightly!!! for your whole family! 🙂 XXOO

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