Daily Prompt: Let’s Dance

What are your earliest and fondest memories of dance?

country bumpkins 1

(from left to right, Kim, David, Mark, Kevin, Doug, Kendon, Me toothless & Kris; we are lined up via height, not age, I was the baby and was 6, I think, my oldest brother was 13)

Born and raised in Indiana, some of my earliest memories of dance were not so fond because we were forced into servitude by our Mother, who only had good intentions at heart, but had no qualms about humiliating us repeatedly. The bib-overalls and flannel shirts helped immensely.  We were the Country Bumpkins, and oh how we were, who square danced together and went around to various Nursing Homes and square danced for the elderly and their total amusement. Sometimes they joined in with us, which brought huge smiles to their faces, and cheered them up in a long lonely dreary life, but mostly they just clapped and laughed at us… we were sure it was not with us, for even if we crashed into each other and giggled, it was more due to embarrassment than anything else.

This was one way my Mother made some extra money so that she could save it up for a one time only family vacation we took soon after. I remember distinctly how we all hated the trip, even though we drove in our huge van from Indiana to the East Coast. We saw every single war monument and cemetery and little house on the prairie between, and were bored out of our ever loving minds.  The only highlights were when we got to stay in a hotel each night that had a swimming pool, something Mom made sure of, to release all that pent up boredom. We also ate in fancy restaurants each night, right up until the last time, when we were finally at the East Coast. Blasting into this fancy restaurant all the boys ordered Lobster and us girls got the King Crab legs, (I think) all served on shiny silver platters. Almost done with our dinner, and bored once again, my wonderful brother Kevin set the table on fire! He knocked over his candle that was heating his butter, and torched the fine linen tablecloths and napkins! It was great! lol I’ll never forget it! We did get to see and swim in the ocean for the first time, and saw several pretty cool monuments, so it wasn’t a total bust, and of course after we torched the fancy restaurant we got to eat at Frisch’s Big Boys, McDonalds and KFC the rest of the trip home…. and never had to dance together again!

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