Daily Prompt: Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)

Darkness Let Go


Some of you may know this about me, some of you may not,

my dreams come true, no matter how sweet or the horror plot.

If someone dies in my dreams, they’re gone the very next day,

it shatters my heart into shards of glass, what could I say?

I tried for years to stop them, suppress the coming grief,

asking God to please make them stop, still no relief.

But two days ago, I had a dream that was a vivid, brilliant glow,

that shattered the path of darkness in my dreams, darkness let go.

I know I’m blessed now, since that time long ago when I hid,

Fighting the truth like an animal in a trap, He just lifted the lid.

The brightness startled me, the love flowing through my chi,

I knew as He came slowly, His Hand held out to me.

My first thought was “Please, oh please, let me soar once more,

like an eagle in flight, my greatest delight, just once more before?”

But I looked into His Eyes then and the wish fled from my mind,

the incredible kindness poured into me, His Eyes honestly shined.

My old desires were gone, only one thought remained, I said,

“Thank you for coming for me!”  He smiled and nod his head.

My soul filling up to a bursting explosion, love like a heavy sand,

Grinning wildly, The Son of the Morning … was holding my hand.

(this was truly my dream! thank you so much Blessed Jesus!)


9 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)

    • me too Trent, and what’s so amazing, is I’ve never had nightmares since that time… not like those anyway, I have had a few icky ones about other things, but it was like He really took away the darkness forever. He is always SO GOOD to me, I really am Blessed repeatedly. which is why I try so hard to convince others what it’s like, rather than quote scripture all the time at them, and even tho I’m so terribly poor and hanging on by a piece of dental floss, I really do feel His love all the time. 🙂

    • lol, I always loved that song! thanks Quiall! and ps, is Quiall your real name? I’ve always wanted to know… and how do you pronounce it? spell phonetically for the moron… 🙂

      • Pamela is my real name. Quiall pronounced kwee-all is made up using the first 3 letters of my cats: Quinn and Ally. Quin is gone now. I guess I just wanted to be different.

        • very cool Pamela! and being different makes you special! not that you aren’t already! 🙂 if I did that, tho, my name would’ve been Twisweemrkromeo! lol (for Twinkie, Sweety, Mr. Kitty and Romeo!) and they are such a pain in the … they don’t deserve a title! hehe

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