on and on and on…

life just goes on and on and on

some days happy others long

wind is blowing like nature’s pissed

hiking not possible terribly missed

rain pounding off an on always

making winter bleak cold days

talking with friends far and near

some bringing me down I fear

others hold me up to see

life just goes on and on to be

one long hard road of ache

trudging along I need to take

time to smell the roses out there

if they were blooming it’d be rare

my path rarely sees them at all

still I hear their budding call


2 thoughts on “on and on and on…

  1. Oh, I love this Shards, I hope you are not having a very tough time of it. This is an inspiring and beautiful post.

    • can you hear the tiredness in my voice? lol winter is wearing on me, I need to get outside, to reconnect and reboost my batteries… most people don’t know it, but my last name means “of the woods” and it is SO ME!!! I should have been a hobbit!!! 🙂 I certainly have the feet for it! lol

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