His Word




the Lord said to never take His name in vain

adapting His Word so it fits your gain

when it means never say, He told me ‘this’

changing His words, some obviously miss

but I hear ‘Christians’ say this a lot

when it’s painfully clear… He did not

I worry for their souls, using Him thus

spouting, judging and full of puss

corrupting His Word in a sick evil way

knowing soon they will painfully pay

for maligning His Word with their own

shaping it, abusing it, He won’t condone

for with His Word He spoke us into being

created the universe we were seeing

with just a whisper of graceful thought

He gave us life and then He taught

that in His Word we’d find all we need

His Love, His Hope to grow as a weed

His Word to teach us only His Way

Never ours, so be careful what you say


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