We Are All Just One Breath Away…Love One Another While You Can!

It’s coming up on my friends birthday, and last year we were planning to roar through her birthday, have a real bash, and when I say bash, I mean tear up the town. It would have been her 50th. But she died the week before. Right in front of me. And it was the hardest thing I ever had to endure.

I don’t talk about it much, because it was tragic and awful, and it was the first time I ever had to experience it. But more importantly, I failed horribly. I couldn’t have saved her, I know this, but at the one time in my life when I should have reached out for God, I didn’t. I forgot to turn to God at the most important instant in her life. I’ll never know if things would have turned out differently if I had, but I will never forget the lesson I learned that day.

So I thought I would re-post this poem, in hopes that someone out there will maybe learn from it, or maybe it will help them in some way. We never know just how deeply we can touch someone by sharing our pain, but sometimes it does help. And maybe that’s the point. To share, to learn, to heal…


One Breath Away from Eternity


I watched her eyes glaze over,

emptiness filling, yet

getting a bit brighter,

I’ll never forget.

Seconds away from Eternity,

a heart-stopping shock,

feeling her last breath,

my world began to rock.

Did she see His face,

or still just her friends’,

before she came back,

losing herself in pain again?

Did she know what was coming,

as she cried her last words,

seeing a glimpse into beyond,

her meeting with her Lord?

The pain was too great,

it was all she spoke,

I pray for her soul now,

knowing she was broke.

I didn’t pray then, it haunts me,

now knowing what I know,

Forgive me my lost sister,

So I can let go.

They say, this too shall pass,

but that is for me, not her,

it doesn’t help much,

I’ll never be sure…

You were only one breath away,

from an incredible serenity,

I pray for your soul now

to always be loved in my Lord’s Eternity.


Happy Birthday my sister

Rest in Peace


11 thoughts on “We Are All Just One Breath Away…Love One Another While You Can!

    • when I said ‘turn to God’ I was referring to praying for her, at the time. it didn’t even occur to me, and to be honest, I was too busy reassuring her “I” could save her with cpr… it was humbling to say the very least! and one of the hardest lessons I ever had to learn. it tore me up, and still does, but at least I learned from it. 😦

  1. One of you best writes, shards, it is so hard to lose a friend/loved one, to feel so helpless, you have reached in and grabbed that desperation and brought it to us. Fine writing…so sorry love.

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