my breathe is like a dragon

if only I could find my lighter

I’d torch this frozen house

and enjoy a nice bonfire

the stove tries to thaw my bits

the electric bill soars higher

at least the hot water works

I can take a scalding shower

all the other pipes are solid

my bathtub is now a luge

have you ever tried to flush

a toilet filled with a huge

frozen chunk of sunshine and

a wad of tp frigid white

it could be a masterpiece

its a wonderful lovely sight

the cats are looking at me

like turn on the freaking heat

but all 4 are snuggled nicely

across my frozen feet

stuck inside too cold to leave

if I had some water to pour

I’d toss it through the house

and skate across my floor

or set up a bowling alley

toss the cats I don’t need

down the hallway towards

wine bottles I’ve emptied


8 thoughts on “frozen

  1. Oh, wow. This doesn’t sound good, even as I laugh… what an odd mix, but something about the bathtub is a luge. So much misfortune, all you can do is laugh… Sympathies, though!!

  2. Shards, I was touched by this finely written piece of despair, sprinkled with a touch of humor. Hugs to you, gf.

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