Night Light

Night Light


Plagued with tumors for years

I am still radioactive waste

glowing like a lightning bug

I light up the desperate night.

They continue to form freely

each new nightmare tries in vain

to make me waver just enough

to turn away from what is right.

Prayers keep me mostly sane

praise lifts my senseless worry

until I streak across empty canyons

I am an eagle soaring in flight.

This world can’t contain me

or hide me in the shadows

or smother my hope with pain

for I am filled with Glorious light.

Glimmering across flower tips

at the edge of dead cold caves

through the murky dull clouds

beams touching darkened sight.

Two new tumors this morning

threaten my human life again

but my healer rises stronger

giving me His sword of light.

Knowing why I twinkle here

spreading love across waters

raging and lapping at sinking feet

not once needing to fight.


I know what’s inside me is right

I’ll always shine radioactively bright

blinding the edge of your wavering sight

for I am now the Lord’s night light.


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