Understanding Death

Understanding death to the mature seems normal

they know life comes and goes, they’ve seen it all before.

Parents are destroyed, it’s not how it should ever be

hopes and dreams shattered, hearts broken beyond belief.

Death to a young child is they’re taking a really long nap

or sleeping beside Jesus in a sweet gentle place.

But for an impressionable teen life swerves out of control

trying to find a reason where none will ever be found.

Of course, this can be true at any age.

I wanted to make this into a poem, but just couldn’t

find the words. Maybe one of you will need this right

now, and it will help you in some small way.  If not, I hope

you remember it, for death is different for everyone

and some never seem to get past it.  For some, it alters

their life in drastic ways, breaking them inside ….

some into shards, some splinters, and some into a

million tiny lost bits.  God bring Peace to you all.


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