Scraping the Sky

friends I’ve just met

or known a lifetime

or two, maybe a day

sad, confused, longing

for what, no idea

maybe no jazzy blue

I reach out to clinch

the emptiness

and hear the echo

fading back

they’re falling fast

blinded by the past

but I see it, I do

here, take this hand

it’s not strong

but sincere

I won’t let you slip

urgently unflagging

a steady please

they wave instead

smile it away

joyride on pride

in a headlong slide

clamber and climb

scraping the sky

they can do it

they and their shadow

just gloom in the dusk

waveless and still

me and my hope


not unneeded

will still be here

in spite of

the inevitable


7 thoughts on “Scraping the Sky

    • you know how they always say, “God never gives you anything you can’t handle.” … well, I’ve been dished a boatload of crap throughout my life, so I’d have to agree Trent, strong it is. although most days, I’d wish it wasn’t quite so strong! I’d guess the hope comes from knowing without a shadow of doubt, it can’t possibly get worse… lol (knock on wood) but I often wonder “why”? why the hell do I need to be sooo very strong? kind of makes me wonder what else lies out there for me….. thanks for the nice thoughts tho! 🙂

      • I think we all wonder that at times, and have the thought that it would be nice if someone eased the burden a bit… but such is life. For me, friends like you make things easier, because you find words to say these things, and I don’t always do that.

        • yes you do, you just tend to focus in a different way than I, bringing to light the darkness in us all…but I’m really glad I have a friend like you too, cause you make me laugh so hard sometimes…and we all need that!! 🙂

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