give me a reason

hate festers

becomes poison


why do you suppose

is there a reason

for this one empty

bottomless pile


why do we need it

do we grow

do we fall

do we drown

poison blisters

bursting filth

do you enjoy it

crave it

soil yourself in it

why would you



9 thoughts on “give me a reason

  1. Play in it like with soil, roll in the sand, watch the tender root of hatred grow, lick the poison just for taste… That was slightly sick. Good job.

    • wasn’t much poetry to that, just can’t figure out why people are so hateful…for no reason? why would anyone ever think they are better than someone else?? ya know?? it wasn’t how I was raised, my grandparents were horribly racist, but that was their time, so I disregard it…but these days, we are so melted together, we can find our ancestral past, and most discover we were mixed from the beginning…so I just can’t stand it. some days, I’m so embarrassed to be human!!! lol thanks again sweety!!!

      • I hear you Shards. I was brought up in the deep south, there was and still is a lot of bigotry, I left all that behind when I got out into the world. It is passed on from generation to generation, hoping someday we will all understand we share this planet and need to love one another.
        thank you sweet lady!

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