Blue Aria

Good morning little blue bird

I would’ve thought you’d left weeks ago

The eagles have all deserted their nests

In search of fresh water still flowing slow

But since it just froze over this week

I reckon your packing a suitcase today

And heading for sunny weather elsewhere

Not beneath snow filled clouds of grey

I woke to your sweet song calling nearby

Yet sounding like a soft sad goodbye

Was it for the other birds staying behind

Or for me alone as I listen and sigh

The hummingbirds and geese long ago

Took wing foretelling of the coming cold

But you my friend alone chose to wait

Giving me hope in which I could hold


9 thoughts on “Blue Aria

  1. This was pretty cool, Shardy.
    Not surprising given how much more in touch you are with the fauna over the floral. (Though you have become pretty much better with describing the souls and lives of plants too.)

    And now she sings as she carries away your hopes in her suitcase. Bye, bluey.

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