The Shards of DuBois

The Shards of DuBois



My heart is filled with faith that is crystal quartz,

solid yet clearly beautiful,

no matter the pain inside or the anger that wants to explode.

I stand tall and edged sharply even though sometimes,

life turns and makes my face shiny.

Some days you can see right through me,

but this only happens with the right light.

It reflects off of me in sparkles and glitters,

mirroring the depth of my soul.

Hardened to the evilness that rocks our world,

I will forever grow towards God.


Slowly, over great time, I will become His Glorious Gem.


4 thoughts on “The Shards of DuBois

  1. Hope your book writing is going well. Inspirational writing here. Well done. Blessings to you Shards.

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