I’ll still be here… Love, Mom

I’ll still be here… Love, Mom



he walks along

new legs like a fawn

clumsy and all knobby kneed

working his way

towards town each day

needing to feel he’s been freed


can’t find a friend

not addicted to the end

he still thinks he’s the only one

trying hard to change

start his life and rearrange

wanting to shine brightly like the sun


he wants to hook up

with someone grownup

to show the world he too has grown

yet every time

he makes that climb

his old friends ensure it’s blown


I tell him never

forget how you’re clever

you can do this if you keep trying

I send him love

from me and above

while I watch him slowly dying


his heart may break

while they continually take

his soul with each day…

  they drag him down and insist he inhale

still he keeps going

looking back and knowing

I’ll still be here…

  no matter how many times you may fail


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