Oh but it’s a sad day…

when you go to your stats page, and see that the graph now only shows up to 20 visits per day max!

Ha!  Guess I better get my butt in gear and get to writing more engaging stories about how I’m gonna kill my cats one at a time; drying one in the dryer until it bangs around like a lost tennis shoe; one I plan to blend into a fur smoothie because WHO doesn’t like getting a hair in their teeth; been thinking about cooking one and making it into a meatloaf with loads of catsup on top (so apropos); and last but never least I’m considering leaving the pisser locked in my x-husbands new truck!  It was his daughters who turned their mother loose into the woods without spaying her first!  Life can be fair, if you want to make it that way! 

Not to mention all the fun I’m having with my 23 year old son moved back home…like…how the grey hair is coming in, in a skunk stripe now; how the electric bill went from $50 a month to $300; OH how I love to sit on the rim of the toilet; and how in only 4 days every fkn dish in my house is dirty…just what is so hard to understand about ‘wash, rinse and repeat’? 

So, I’ll get right on it folks, I can see I’ve bored you all to tears, you’ve ran in every direction away from my blog seeking your entertainment elsewhere! My bad!

That’s what I get for taking a month off to be a REAL writer!!! Shame on me!

So…ok, I’ll go get busy now…I’ve learned my lesson!!



6 thoughts on “Oh but it’s a sad day…

  1. No worries, Shards, real writing is important. But please give us something entertaining when you can, and and inform the lazy lay-about that he got to help you about the house.

    • oh I inform him daily Trent, lol, doesn’t do much good when he knows how badly I want him to stay here, vs going back to the streets! I know he’s taking advantage of me, but mentally he’s still like a 15 year old. He does help a bit, but I’m so used to living alone I like things just so….old lady syndrome, ya know! lol 🙂

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