just leaves

lost in a time when the brain has no mind

and a thought becomes an empty whisper

floating in a breeze much like a sneeze

spinning like a ghost trapped in a twister

what will become of our souls without

a brain to spell it out for us when thinking

much like we stumble and fall sliding

across the ice like a drunk when drinking

we’ll sail the winds riding up and down

stretching across time like a long bow

aimlessly forgetting to pause in wonder

If I can’t think just how will I know

what’s out there to be amazed about

what’s the point in existing at all

without a brain to process awareness

we’re just leaves with Alzheimer’s in the fall


11 thoughts on “just leaves

      • Thats a good point. But we must remember there are MANY levels of consciousness. Maybe this one is so great we can’t comprehend it. Or maybe it’s a consciousness we are not aware of because of our brains are to well… human?

        • exactly, Ishayia says the same thing, it’s like consciousness, but different. more like a world wide consciousness that is based in energy, somewhat. and yes, we are so very stupid, considering we don’t use all of our brains! lol and thanks for the comments jasmine, thanks for stoppin by! 🙂

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