Weekly Writing Challenge: Traces

Traces of Life



a trace of snow falling softly

a trace of windswept spattering rain

a trace of kindness flutters up

a trace of old unforgotten pain

a speck of dirt washing away

a speck of glory soaring in the sky’s

a speck of hope leading us on

a speck of joy filling our eyes

a pinch of salt rubbed into a wound

a pinch of fat bringing reality

a pinch of peaches brings a bruise

a pinch of love a blatant brutality

a whisper in the dark in innocence

a whisper to an increasing scream

a whisper to a roar breaking waves

a whisper before a dying dream

a hint taken and understood

a hint of life turned upside down

a hint of scandal ruining hope

a hint of scripture turned around


2 thoughts on “Weekly Writing Challenge: Traces

  1. this is fantastic Shards, one of your best, though it’s hard to single out a piece of your writing. this is beautiful.

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