sorry folks…

I won’t be posting much this month…because once again my friends have dragged me kicking and screaming into writing for NANOWRIMO!  Which in case some of you don’t know, means National Novel Writing Month, and is a huge contest where writers across the world try to write an entire novel in the month of November.  This is where I wrote my last novel, Your Time Is Over, which is being published by Tate, and due out in the spring, if they hurry up and get it finished.  It was only a short novela, and didn’t even make the required word count of 50,000, but this year I’m determined to make the mark.

Don’t tell anyone…hehehe, but I’m already up to 25,000 words, and it’s only the 4th…so I’m pretty sure I’m gonna make it this year… but you never know… I could break my coffee mug; my computer cord could quit working…again!!!; or even worse, I could get a real job and have to go to work each day!!!  So …. we’ll see…. you never know!

But I have many good good friends who are part of Snoqualmie Valley Writes, a great group of writers here in the valley, who also just started up Free Valley Publishing…to help everyone and anyone learn the ins and outs of writing a novel and getting it published.  They have been invaluable to me, and helped to kick me where it was needed to get me going, and once again have insisted I get my arse in gear and write..write..write!!!

So take care all, much love to you all, and may God Bless you Daily in everything you do and in your own personal walk in this life!

And I will pop in when I can, but for now…asta la vista…and see ya soon!




13 thoughts on “sorry folks…

  1. Hi Deb, sorry haven’t been here for quite some time and Things so far turned out for my daughters..
    Big congratulations and really may you recieve all the blessing that God can give one person…and luck to..

        • oh no sweety, that’s just heartbreaking! what’s her name, and I’ll keep her in my prayers!! God can work miracles, and I know personally He hears me … cause He always answers them! Have faith Sherri, it’ll be tough, but I know He’ll be holding her in His Hands, so don’t worry!!! it may just be that someone there where she will be NEEDS her desperately, and the only way God had to help them, is to send your daughter!!! SO don’t worry, He’ll be there…no matter what!!!! 🙂

    • that’s because my stupid cord quit working, and my son had to spice it back together again! lol the fantastic four are still a giant pain in the …., and one is about to be taken to the cat jail! she pee’d all over my CD’s the other day…and let me tell you, Delirious will never be the same!!!! I’m gonna shoot her, I swear! lolol oh and Doc, I’ve already hit 51,000 words, which is really only about 200 pages….but novel #2 is almost done!!!! 🙂

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