Less Than a Minute

It takes less than one minute

to make a child’s day;

she’s only four but exploding

with excitement at everything

she sees, including my puzzle.

Although very difficult she’s too

curious not to be drawn in,

drawn over time and time again,

is quickly mesmerized by all

the blue pieces; some with snow,

some with shadow, some with just

trees, but all the same shade of blue.

Still she can’t pull herself away

so I invite her in, ask for her help,

high five her as she places a piece

incorrectly, but so close she can’t tell

and there it is… in less than a minute,

a life long friend,

a new little buddy to do puzzles with…

if I see her ever again.

Knowing the future, we search for

something she will be able to do,

and find a Bambi puzzle to fill her days instead,

long after I’m gone.



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