Just a bit on edge…

Up early.  Didn’t sleep at all, as I’m still in the hospital; no worries, I’ll survive.  Just a bad attack of asthma, mixed in with bronchitis, making it a small issue of breathing, something I really do enjoy!  And have found to be very necessary in my life.  lol

The reason I didn’t sleep is obvious to anyone who’s ever been in the hospital, they never let you rest.  I really think they need to rethink this aspect on a deeper level, as not only are we trying to heal physically, but to do this it is obvious to me, rest is required.  Yet they always put me in a room with someone who needs constant care, around the clock, and even if I only need vitals taken every four hours or so, at least in between this time I can cat nap.  But no, they like to double up people, I guess trying to save the number of rooms to clean, or maybe save the nurses from having to walk all over the place.  I have no idea, but I can assure you, I will address this issue with the sweet human resources lady today, and maybe the social worker who’s actually on a mission to find good homes for all my stupid cats. 

I can no longer deal with them, aggravating my asthma, causing me to use allergy meds on a daily basis.  I love them to death, but they are literally loving me to death.  So it has been pointed out to me repeatedly for 5 years now…they must go….and after the last 8 days, I agree.

At any rate, back to my original point; I’ve gotten no rest whatsoever since I’ve been here.  But not only are the nurses intent on poking me and prodding me nonstop, listening to me breathe, cough, hack, try to blow a meter to show I can finally exhale, drugging me up, drowning me in fluids; which I must say, really, I had no idea my bladder could hold 27 oz. of fluids, every freaking hour!!!!!!!!  SO yea, I’m ready to leave; but I digress…

After not sleeping the previous 5 days I was at home suffering, sitting up all night long trying to breath, and not sleeping one wink, I finally give up and come in only to go 3 more days without sleep.  So yes, you could say I’m a bit on edge.  Or you could say, I’m honestly about to kill someone. 

So after dealing with all that, my roommate, sweet as she is, feels the need to leave her TV on all night long, and have the heat cranked up to 90 degrees, because she’s constantly cold.  I on the other hand, like it cool, because it eases my breathing, and am a very light sleeper.  But even with ear plugs in, nicely provided by the nurses, the constant flashing of the LED lights on the TV had me totally frustrated, placing the pillow over my head, the sheet, my sweatshirt, my sunglasses, lol, I kid you not, I was walking a tight line last night, between murder and trying to find compassion.  It WAS TOUGH!  I almost didn’t make it!  It seems like when God tests me, He tends to go all out!! 

BUT THIS MORNING, bright and early, after my roommate had woken up at 5am, turned her TV up really loud, and I finally gave up on sleep, I was channel surfing and saw Joyce Meyer preaching.  So I stopped to listen, as she is one of few ministers I have ever liked, because she really has a lot of common sense.  I like that in a woman.  None of that flowery bull, and burning hell and brimstone stuff, just good old every day common sense teaching on how to be walking in Jesus footsteps on a daily basis.

So what is her message this morning….LOVING YOUR NEIGHBOR!  hahahaha  cracks me up, how God does that to me.  She mentioned the sweet practice kindergarten children have almost daily, “Show and Tell”; and how we need to SHOW more than we TELL!  So I sat their debating what to say, how to say it, and how to show love, and not just bitch and complain.  Which is hard for me, I must admit.  I tend to bitch a bit, joke a bit, and then smile…which is not SHOWING love in any way. 

So yes, I bit my tongue and tried not to complain, ordered two cups of coffee right off the bat, and then decided to mosey around the curtain and mention to my neighbor what I had been thinking about all night long, while not sleeping.

What most people don’t know, is the new TV’s have LED Lights in them, that studies have proven DO penetrate your closed eyelids, and can literally keep your brain from sleeping when you leave the TV on all night long.  Not to mention the voice and remote control can also program your brain with all kinds of crappy commercials while you sleep never letting your brain get the rest it needs, and NOT letting your body heal properly.  Your brain must rest, when you are ill, to heal fully and quickly.  Otherwise you are just extending your illness.  I also mentioned how meditation can help to heal any problem in your body, but also help to reduce pain, which my neighbor is dealing with massive amounts of right now.  Even just 10 minutes a day, meditating and saying the words “heal me” over and over again, can increase your brains ability to heal itself.  Along with the meditation, it calms your brain, helps it to function better and be at peace, and will help to ease all the frustration she is going through, not being able to be the mother her children need right now.  She was literally making lists yesterday, to send home, from the minute she woke up on…and I mentioned to her, that she needs to let go, and let others do for her.  She needs to heal, brain and body, and she will find she will make it home sooner to them if she only makes a few changes.

She’s started down the long hard road of rehab, and I suggested just adding ten minutes of meditation to her routine for 3 days, and see if her mind doesn’t stop worrying so much, and her sleeping improves.  She’s on a vicious circle of meds that mess with normal sleep time, but I know from experience meditation works.  It can rest the brain, no matter what time of day you do it.  And of course, I explained how bad leaving the TV on all night long is for her. 

So, I just thought I’d mention all this today, in case any of you out there are dealing with your own healing issues, or sleep problems.  Force yourself to turn off the TV, cover up any LED lights in your room, like on clocks or radio’s, etc., and meditate a few minutes each day, whether at bedtime or when you wake up, but either will help you immensely!!!  I KID YOU NOT!  Stay well all….I’m off to dream land for at least 2 days solid, as soon as they let me out of here!!!!  😉


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  1. As they always say…hospitals are not the place to get any rest…maybe that’s why they send folks home as soon as possible so they can finally get some rest….take good care…oh and maybe you should find the cats a good home.

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