Broken, in under 3 seconds…

every single bone on her right side;

internal injuries easily laid at deaths door.

Only she admits she wasn’t wearing a seat belt,

knows her error and bad decision as the car

flipped over and over again; it will echo in

her dreams and thoughts for many years to come;

the guilt, the judgment of herself, the chastisement

damnation and constant barrage of “what if’s”.

Leaving 5 children to struggle on through months

of necessary surgeries, pain induced rages and

hopeless parenting attempts to change things…

without daily hugs, warm food, washed clothes,

an ear to listen, a voice to scold, or one to laugh;

months will go by, with no one to tuck them in

or help with homework, or play hopscotch even once.

Teenage dances with dresses unbought and no ice cream

nights watching love stories with much Kleenex required.

Boys not watched during sports events, or with girl advice;

because if they ask, they will listen to their mother,

even if they crack a joke and walk away, like they didn’t care…

they still listen.  Boys are like that with their Mom’s;

they pretend they don’t listen, but weeks or months down

the road, you hear them say something and you know

they heard you loud and clear, and followed your advice. 

And the youngest needing her the most, story time, hugs all

day long, the special last child time full of spoiling;

not really understanding what “broken” means; for not only

were the bones broken, but the mind and soul are shattered

instantly, and will never be put back the same way again.

Will it bring them closer because of the almost loss or

tear them apart as distance sometimes appears to be

betrayal?  I pray for her, for in one single second she

changed the course of her life making it viscously hard

and challenging, painful and disappointing, a struggle

like very few others are ever forced to face and in the

worst way possible …at her own hands!!


(I hope you all pray for her, her name is Teresa,

and she will need as many prayers as you can pray!)


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  1. Oh so sad Shards… I had hoped the story untrue, but it seems otherwise. I can’t handle this stuff well, having a young family and all. My prayers are with Teresa and her family.

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