Grey Calls

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Grey Calls



the fog stole the summer

haunting it into leaving

the wind whispered through it

taunting it into weaving

a stuttering ghost of shadow

shattering bits of white and grey

hiding in between the branches

scattering hints of warmth belay

a grey fox pauses in time

disappearing all but her eyes

blinking at the cold to come

nearing her den she sighs

her kits are only half grown

their calls too tiny to hear

she fades back blending in

where falls spray upon her fear

accepting what the fog means

knowing winter’s come too soon

she howls once sadly aware

showing disinters under the moon

she’ll not give up trying

to fight the fog’s creeping in

she’ll die before allowing

the bite of cold’s stealing grin

dragging her kill through the mist

trailing between the deep trees

feeding her kits once more at least

wailing unseen at the coming freeze


Driving home at midnight on highway 167, a six lane highway with a huge cement median, I was in the far right lane when I saw a grey fox standing ready to try and cross the highway.  There were way too many cars, he/she would never have made it alive, so I flashed my high beam lights at him a few times, to break the spell of coming traffic.  He jerked as if he realized just then the cars were moving, and stepped back, just as I drove by.  Most people don’t realize that animals can NOT tell you are moving when they are blinded from your car headlights.  (THUS the phrase, “Frozen like a deer in the headlights”!!)    SO ALWAYS flash your lights at them, either off and on, or switching from high to low beams, to high beams again, so they can see that you are moving towards them.  This way, they can tell you are coming at them, and move away before you run them over.   We have tons of wildlife here in Washington, and two nights ago, I did the same thing to stop two large Elk from jumping across the road in front of me.  LOTS of animals come out at night, people, so please slow down and watch for them, for they truly can’t see you coming!  🙂


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