Moon Shadow

the sunset fades to red and blue

as the trees darken to midnight

my fears hover quietly along with

the last rays of purple sunlight

an echoing screech resonates

off the hillsides deep in my soul

vibrating shivers ripple inside

racing down my spine to pull

my skin tighter than my jacket

stretching my fingers to buckle

into fists pumping brightly as I run

shaping a ghostly white knuckle

a shadow shifts just enough

to stop my heart from beating

my stomach rises into my throat

biting my tongue the blood heating

swallowing the bitter iron taste

I trip over a stone hard and cold

let out a scream as I realize too late

the shadow caught up and took hold

jerking my arm and twisting around

I slam into stone as it rips off my coat

the moon shining on the last thing I see

as the fangs lean towards my throat



Boo! lol just planning ahead!


6 thoughts on “Moon Shadow

  1. Yikes, if this is just getting ready for Halloween, then your Halloween piece will be absolutely horrifying! I can’t wait. Loved this! 🙂

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