feelin a bit down

crank up the radio

singin with the tunes

nice and peaceful

still a bit low…

haven’t found a new job

tryin to stay hopeful

bills comin in

pilin up and past due

cats scatter them

across the table

do I care… no

sunshine came out

then hid again

got a headache

withdrawals suck

need a hug

cats won’t do…

walk away from worry

tired of workin

for nothing or less

gettin nowhere fast

guess I’ll go to bed

start over tomorrow

just one of those days

ya know…

rainin can’t hike

cold can’t kayak

fall can’t paraglide

this is my life

is this who I wanna be

stupid song

just let it go…

say a prayer

ask for peace

hope for hope

send blessings

thankful to breathe

be still and know…


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  1. Your writing is very expressive. I am so glad to see how the poem turned around at the end. I hope there will be better days ahead. Well written piece.

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